Frequently-Asked Questions

What makes these workshops different than conferences?

Whereas we love attending VR conferences ourselves, our workshops are quite different. We have found that short talks that are common at conferences do not allow the presenter to go into depth. Our workshops are designed to cover essential topics in detail. In addition, our workshops are much more interactive where attendees actually work on and apply the knowledge to their unique projects during the workshop.

What is the best VR design?

There are few universal answers when it comes to designing VR experiences.  In fact, we have found the most common answers to be “it depends!” VR is a very unique creative medium that is very different from anything that has existed before and thus requires a new design approach. In addition to VR being a different medium, VR applications are also diverse since the technology allows you to travel to any world—real or imagined—at any time and at any scale. Because of this, there are few universal truths that apply to every project’s needs. Instead, our workshops focus on providing conceptual design frameworks for you to consider and experiment with in order to optimize your experiences for your target audience.

What is covered in your workshops?

Topics vary depending upon the specific workshop.  Much of our material is based upon our founder’s book “The VR Book: Human-Centered Design for Virtual Reality”. However, the material is certainly not limited to what is covered in that book as the material is taken from a range of instructor expertise, as well as examples from some of the best VR experiences created by those outside our group.