Free 360/VR Introductory Workshop with AT&T DevLab

360 video and virtual reality are two of the hottest topics in entertainment right now, and what better way to get an overview of them than a free, 3-hour, hands-on AT&T workshop. Whether you are involved in filmmaking or video content creation, are a developer that wants to know about VR, or are just curious to know more about immersive 360-degree worlds, then this intro is for you!

Target audience: Anyone curious about and considering creating VR experiences
Length: 3 hours
Date & Location: Coming to your city soon!
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These workshops are designed to be hands-on, with the instructor showing you the steps needed to take a 360 image and transform it so that you can view it with a VR headset. Then we will give you time to do this yourself by following the step-by-step instructions in the lab book we give you while experts walk around to help anyone that is having problems. We’ll also give you a cardboard VR viewer so you can look at your results, then it’s yours to keep.

To do the labs you will need to bring either a Windows or Mac laptop.

The workshop will explain the types of 360 experiences and how they differ from regular video. We will then give you an overview of the equipment and techniques needed to capture 360 video.

The hands-on labs will cover

  1. adding interactive elements to a 360 image,
  2. distribution of a 360 video
  3. using the Unity platform to create a simple interactive VR application with drag-and-drop elements.

When you walk out of the workshop you will understand the elements and the workflow needed to create a virtual world yourself.

Put on by AT&T and NextGen Interactions, the 3-hour, hands-on Intro to 360 Video and Virtual Reality workshop is free, but attendance is limited so register here soon.