Mike Cuales

Mike is the Founder of LEVR Studios LLC, a startup focused on the design, consulting and production of cinematic 360 virtual reality video for a broad range of industries. He has worked with many commercial entities as well as the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Museum of Art, City of Raleigh Museum, Research Triangle Park, Duke Marine Lab and US2020 to explore applications for virtual reality in entertainment, marketing, STEaM outreach and community engagement.

Mike has introduced hundreds of newcomers to VR through workshops and conference presentations. He has hosted VR-based exhibits for thousands of attendees during events like BugFest, Ansel Adams Masterworks, NCMA Educators Expo and the RTP STEM Expo.

Mike Cuales has spent the majority of his career working with creatives, empowering faculty and producing innovative multimedia content for online education. In addition to LEVR Studios and teaching VR Workshops, Mike is the Creative Director at NC State University’s Department of Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications (DELTA). In 2017, after 15 years of service, Mike was awarded the University Award of Excellence – the most prestigious honor bestowed upon non-faculty employees. The award stemmed from his numerous outreach efforts, dedication to advancing the application of emerging technologies for education and relentless pursuit of innovative excellence.

Mike began his creative journey on Long Island, NY and obtained a Masters of Industrial Design from NC State University after completing a degree in Business Management and Marketing. Mike has taught animation and digital imaging at NC State‚Äôs College of Design and pioneered a 360 VR video production course for Duke T.I.P.. He has presented on virtual reality at events such as SXSWedu, HOW Design, Hopscotch Design, Art of Cool, RTP 180 and UNC Cause.”