Upcoming Events

Workshop on Human-Centered Design

The industry is rapidly evolving, and there are very few absolutes truths when it comes to VR design. This workshop stresses the importance of understanding tradeoffs, making interactions intuitive, and using adjustable processes to efficiently iterate towards success. The workshop aims to provide insight that goes beyond mainstream knowledge that have direct application to your unique designs. Read more.

Target audience: Professionals who have spent 1-5 years creating VR experiences
Length: 2 days
Date: Saturday July 29-Sunday July 30
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Free 360/VR Introductory Workshop with AT&T DevLab

360 video and virtual reality are two of the hottest topics in entertainment right now, and what better way to get an overview of them than a free, 3-hour, hands-on AT&T workshop. Whether you are involved in filmmaking or video content creation, are a developer that wants to know about VR, or are just curious to know more about immersive 360-degree worlds, then this intro is for you! Read more.
Target audience: Anyone curious about and considering creating VR experiences
Length: 3 hours
More dates and locations coming soon!

Ready to propel your VR projects to the next level?

Join us at our Human-Centered Design Workshop in Los Angeles July 29-30.